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The UK’s first angel investor network focused on creating social and environmental
impact alongside financial return, run by ClearlySo

Why join CSA ?

What is CSA?

Clearly Social Angels (CSA) is the UK’s first angel investor network dedicated to impact investment for businesses that create positive social and environmental change, run by ClearlySo.

CSA is a group of active, committed and experienced investors in the UK supporting the best and brightest impact-focused organisations. The group is run in London by ClearlySo, an impact investment firm. We meet in central London every month to discover some of the country’s most inspiring entrepreneurs with compelling and innovative solutions to social and environmental problems. If you are an angel investor and would like to know more about joining CSA, then please register your interest or contact Katrina Cruz if you have any questions.

You can also find out more about being an angel impact investor by hearing from Suzanne Biegel, our founding angel, or checking out our blogs and resources to help.

What is impact investing ?
What lights me up? Getting to use my experience, contacts and capital to help entrepreneurs who are making a social and environmental impact. It’s one of the best ways I can make a difference – by supporting entrepreneurs who aim
to deliver social as well
as financial returns.
Suzanne Biegel,
Founding Angel Investor

How it works

Members of CSA meet in central London on a monthly basis to hear pitches from the most exciting and investible entrepreneurs in the country, to meet and network with other investors and to receive education and insights about impact investing.

ClearlySo is the organisation behind the CSA network and is responsible for providing the group with pre-screened and diversified deal flow. ClearlySo works closely with entrepreneurs to optimise their investment proposition and only take forward the strongest candidates who are looking for between £200k and £1.5m in debt or equity. Many of our investments are eligible for EIS tax relief or social investment tax relief, which was introduced by the Cabinet Office in 2014 to help de-risk impact investments for private investors.

CSA membership is priced at £1000 a year (+ VAT) and members are expected to have the capacity to commit to one deal per year and share due diligence.

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Some of Our Investments

Insane Logic
Insane Logic raised investment with ClearlySo – they help children with speech and language difficulties to communicate via their MyChoicePad app
With 5 CSA investors, enabling the elderly to get online, Breezie uses tablet software to give simple, clear access to vital services.
Backed by Clearly Social Angels, Tech-for-good Fluency gives young people digital skills, supporting employability and introducing them to tech jobs.
Clearly Social Angels investee Playmob connects causes with online gaming through in-app purchases that are part-donation to a charity.
Aduna sells superfood products from emerging markets into developed economies to create sustainable livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa.
ClearlySo and our angel network helped Commonplace to raise investment for their app, which uses crowd-sourced data for community regeneration
Third Space
Our Clearly Social Angels network invested into this edtech business, which supports children from disadvantaged backgrounds to access mathematics tuition.
We helped them raise equity investment to roll out their clean green agricultural products, with investment from our angel network.
Brain in Hand
Brain-in-Hand allows people living with autism to live more independent and productive lives. Brain in Hand raised £600k investment with ClearlySo.
Blending crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending, students raise finance for studies. They raised investment with ClearlySo, backed by Clearly Social Angels.
Time for Medicine
Founded by clinicians, the company’s mission is to deliver remote diagnostics, reducing the need for hospital visits and reducing waiting times.
Energy Deck
Backed by our angel group, EnergyDeck is a platform that helps buildings become greener and more sustainable.
Through providing self-adjustable eyeglasses to people in the developed and developing world, Eyejusters support people to live and work while seeing clearly.
Wool and the Gang
Supporting sustainable fashion through their supply chain, Wool and the Gang create knitwear using a community of makers
Exosect received £900k from our angel investor network to help them develop their products – sustainable, organic solutions to pest control.
Ieso, formerly PsychologyOnline, delivers online psychological therapy, and they raised an investment round that included Clearly Social Angels investment.
Intern Avenue
Intern Avenue tackles youth unemployment by linking up interns with employers, using standardised data for candidate matching.
Fair Finance
Fair Finance helps the financially excluded access finance at affordable rates, offering microfinance and support. They raised early-stage investment through ClearlySo.
Gojimo is an edtech company with a revision app that supports GCSE and A-Level revision
Extremis have created pop-up shelters to allow those in disaster zones to live in more sustainable short-term accommodation

Why CSA?

CSA is for angel investors that are motivated by social and financial impact, and that understand that angel investing can be challenging and rewarding.

We strive to be an active community of shared learning, engagement and difficult questions – while our diverse members enjoy meeting and networking with each other too. Investors come from many different backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, philanthropists, business experts, people and couples representing their families, investment bankers, and many others.

We focus on connecting with and investing into businesses and enterprises that are past the proof of concept stage and need capital and guidance to take things to the next level. We are also part of a growing collective of angel networks from around the globe that share common values and interests, such as Investors’ Circle in the US; when an entrepreneur is going global, we are connected with others who can add value and capital further afield.

Membership benefits
  • Access to a pre-screened and diversified deal flow of social businesses and enterprises covering many industries and impact areas
  • Education and training on angel investing and impact measurement
  • Connections with a network of high quality peer investors
  • Opportunities to introduce your own deals to the network
  • Due diligence sharing and co-investment
  • Access to our private online deal-flow platform, Gust, to review the deals in motion.
  • Leveraging financial, social and intellectual capital for good while investing for a financial return
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Get Involved

If you’re based in the North of England, we have a network there of individual investors backing social and environmental change – get in touch with Tamsin Chislett to hear about events and get access to deal flow in the North.

To join CSA, you must be a (self-) certified High-Net-Worth Individual (HNWI) or Sophisticated Investor, or be qualified to invest on behalf of others. Our impact investor network meets monthly in central London and members are expected to have the capacity to commit to at least one deal per year and share due diligence.

Membership of CSA costs £1,000 (excl. VAT) per annum.

Register your interest:

Becoming a Clearly Social Angel is an opportunity to become an impact investor – investing for people and planet as well as profit.

The first step to becoming an impact investor with CSA is to register your interest and tell us a little bit about yourself and your investment preferences. You can read our membership criteria here to see if membership is right for you. If you would like to attend a pitch event as a guest to see what it looks like to impact invest with CSA, we would be pleased to arrange that for you.

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If you have any questions about joining our CSA network, or making impact investments in other ways, please contact Katrina Cruz

Are you eligible?

CSA membership is exclusively for High-Net-Worth Individuals or Sophisticated Investors.

Refer a business

If you are looking for investment, or you know an impact-focused entrepreneur who is, please let us know. Although most of our deals are sourced by ClearlySo, we are always delighted to hear from investors about businesses they are supporting. If you are an angel investor and would like to refer a business, please do get in touch.

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